Transmission from Hustopeče to the whole world


The Hustopečské Skákání Agrotec 2024 is a highly recognized meeting in the entire athletics world, and is looked forward to by all athletics fans literally all over the world. The live stream from the Hustopeče Municipal Hall will therefore be broadcast live for the first time via the European Athletics Association's Internet TV and will be commentated in English directly from the studio in Lausanne, Switzerland. Viewers in the Czech Republic who cannot be in the hall can watch the stream on the website This stream will also be streamed directly to Italy on the local athletics channel.

South Korea has also shown a special interest in the Hustopečské Skákání. They have sent a whole TV crew to Hustopeče to document the athletic journey of their best high jumper Sanghyeok Woo, who is preparing for the Summer Olympics in Paris. Do the Koreans suspect some great achievement?