Morgan Lake jumped 199 cm and set a new British record


Twelve high jumpers, including the only Czech competitor Klára Krejčiříková from AK Olymp Brno, entered the main women's competition around 5.30 pm. However, she did not do well and dropped out of the competition at 180 cm.

Among the other competitors, the young Australian Erin Shaw and Kristina Ovchinnikova from Kazakhstan stood out. Morgan Lake from Great Britain, well-known to the Hustopeče spectators, who came to Hustopeče for the fifth time and always placed on the podium, brought her parents to the Czech Republic this year, who wanted to see the local atmosphere with their own eyes.

Marija Vuković from Montenegro and Kateryna Tabashnyk from Ukraine also have their large fan base in Hustopeče, so the sports hall was buzzing from the beginning till the end. High hopes for breaking the meeting's record were pinned on the current World Champion Eleanor Patterson from Australia, who infallibly broke one height after another.

Five athletes have gone over 190 cm but 193 cm was yet too much on Australian Erin Shaw, who however improved her personal best with 190 cm. Only Morgan Lake, Iryna Geraschenko, Kateryna Tabashnyk and Kristina Ovchinnikova reached the next height.

A breath-taking spectacle was finally presented by the British competitor Morgan Lake, who sovereignly jumped over the bar at 199 cm and thus broke not only the British national record, but also this year's world indoor record. However, she slightly injured her ankle during the jump and therefore did not continue on to the next heights. Even so, she delighted not only her parents, but the whole sport hall, which chanted admiringly for long minutes.

The best results among women:

1st place- Morgan Lake, 199 cm, UK

2nd place - Iryna Geraschenko, 197 cm, Ukraine

3rd place - Kristina Ovchinnikova, 195 cm, Kazakhstan

4th place - Kateryna Tabashnyk, 193 cm, Ukraine

5th place - Erin Shaw, 190 cm, Australia