In a thrilling final, a newcomer from New Zealand took gold


After a short pre-dance by the Move Around group, the competitors of the last and most watched men's category presented themselves on the track. The starting list consisted of 13 names, among which was unfortunately missing the one that the Hustopeče spectators were looking forward to the most - last year's winner Shanghyeok Woo who got recently injured and could not arrive.

However, even without him the competition was thrilling and surprising from the first jumps at 206 cm. Athletes from all over the world received strong support from the audience, but the crowd chanted the most for the two Czech representatives from AK Škoda Plzeň - Jan Štefela and Josef Adámek.

The first one to leave the competition was American Paralympic Roderick Townsend at 211 cm and Brian Raats from South African Republic who did not get over 216 cm. They were followed at 220 cm by Josef Adámek, Jan Štefela, Péter Bakosi from Hungary, Thiago Moura from Brazil and Loic Gash from Switzerland. The competition continued with only six athletes on 224 cm.

This height was surpassed for the first time by Edgar Rivera from Mexico and Louis Enrique Zayas from Brazil, who entered the competition on this height. With great jumps they all got over 227 cm, but only Hamish Kerr from New Zealand, a newcomer in Hustopeče, also conquered 230 cm.

He had the stands set at 233 cm, a new New Zealand record. Unfortunately, he did not beat it on his third attempt and took the gold for 230 cm. "I really wanted to compete in Hustopeče because your town is famous for its great atmosphere. And I'm glad that the rumours were true.

The best performances among men:

1st place - Hamish Kerr, 230 cm, New Zealand

2nd place - Edgar Rivera, 227 cm, Mexico

3rd place - Eric Portillo, 227 cm, Mexico

4th place - Brandon Starc, 227 cm, Australia

5th place - Enrique Luis Zayas, 227 cm, Cuba