Records were falling on Thursday's program of Hustopečské skákání 2022


After a one-year break, sports fans finally got to see the biggest athletic holiday in Hustopeče. Hustopeč ski jumping 2022 started on Thursday, February 3, with student competitions in which fifty of the best male and female athletes from the South Moravian Region and other parts of the country qualified. The biggest surprise of the day was the breaking of the 22-year-old record in the category of younger students.

The Thursday program of Hustopečské skákání was started by younger students, whose initial attempts were set to a height of 100 cm. The eleven female competitors had very different personal records, which is why the first female competitors left the race already at 110 cm, when the favorites had not even started jumping. From 143 cm, the bar belonged exclusively to the competitors of AK Sokol Nehvizda, who fought for the top three places. Eliška Truhlářová performed best with a performance of 152 cm. "Our coach has always been teaching us the heptathlon, so I don't pay much attention to height. We take it comprehensively, although the height really caught me and I would like to work on myself," smiles the winner.

The best of the district competitors was Kateřina Eliášová from ZŠ Velké Němčice with a performance of 135 cm. From a height of 115 cm, the race of younger pupils continued. Of the 13 registered competitors, only six entered the race in the end, but it was completely dominated by Lukáš Drobilič from ZŠ Slovácká Břeclav, who started at 140 cm and did not give anyone else a chance. At a famous pace, he jumped an incredible 177 cm, breaking not only the 22-year-old Hustopeč jumping record, but also the district record. He deserved both gold medals. "I have mixed feelings about it, because I'm not exactly an athlete and I really didn't expect such a result. In addition to jumping, I also swim and I enjoy both disciplines. But I didn't prepare in particular for the Hustopeč ski jumping," smiles a surprised Lukáš on the podium.

Nikola Seďová entered the category of older students as a great hope and the last winner from 2020. She and the other 16 competitors jumped the starting heights without any major problems, the starting field began to thin out to 145 cm. The representatives of JAC Brno did great, of whom Jitka Nečasová jumped 157 cm and became the winner of the main race. With a performance of 154 cm, which is her new personal record, silver was left for home-grown Nikola. He is the first in the district. "I went through several quarantines and I'm sick, so today's form wasn't ideal, but I'm glad that I was able to take part and jump in the race," Nikola confided.

The conclusion of Thursday's program was the race for older students, in which 16 competitors entered and one teenager, who was not in the competition. The opening jumps started at 125 cm, and for most of the starting field, the height of 155 cm became fatal. Athletes from Rosice, Neratovice and Nové Město na Moravá joined the fight for the top ranks. Lukáš Kouřil from AK Rosice takes the gold with a great performance of 181 cm on the first attempt, Jan Tobias Janků from TJ Neratovice takes second place with the second attempt at the same height. Among the district jumpers, the best was Jakub Sýkora with TJ Lokomotivy Břeclav.

The biggest hope of TJ Atletika Hustopeče and the winner of last week's qualification, Vojtěch Homola from Velké Němčice, did not participate in the fights. "Unfortunately, Vojta called us this morning and apologized because he was ordered to be quarantined. That was the problem of the whole day today, a lot of competitors apologized to us this morning because of the quarantines, so we had a little over fifty youths here. Compared to previous years, this is quite a lot less, but we still saw great performances," plant director Zbyněk Háder described the tricky situation due to security measures. However, he adds in one breath that Saturday's races are not in danger yet. "Some of the main stars are already in Hustopeč, others will arrive tomorrow for joint training with the children from Hustopeč. We don't have any major excuses yet, although anything can happen. However, I believe that everything will be as great as it was today," said Háder happily.