Hustopečské skákání 2022 had a top level


After the arrival of the athletes on Friday and their training with the children from the athletics section, the organizing team of Hustopeč Ski Jumping 2022 fully concentrated on Saturday's races, which were still associated with covid restrictions. However, the athletes and spectators showed great discipline and the hall could gradually fill with a great atmosphere and even better performances.

Hustopečské skákání 2022 was started by teenage and junior girls

In the first race of Saturday's program, 11 teenage girls and 6 junior girls lined up on the starting line next to each other. In the youngest category, Hustopeče bet on home favorite Karin Krejčiříková, who started for TJ Lokomotiva Břeclav. The starting heights were set at 135 cm and all the competitors easily surpassed it.

Karin from Hustopeče left the race at 140 cm. At 150 cm, the first juniors started and the teenage girls started to struggle. Renata Láníková from TJ Spartak Třebíč and Eliška Zimmermannová from AK Sokol Nehvizdy fought for the first place at 170cm. However, none of them surpassed this height, and the most valuable metal will be won by Eliška Zimmermannová, who jumped to 165 cm, the silver Renata Láníková from TJ Spartak Třebíč registers 165 cm on her third attempt, and the bronze goes to TJ Lokomotiva Břeclav for 155 cm by Nikola Seďová.

Among the junior girls, we did not have any competitor from the district, but three representatives from Great Britain impressed the audience with their performance. Most of the juniors were 165 cm tall, but the battle for the first places came down to 170 cm. This was surpassed only by Halle Ferguson and Evelyne Fonteyne, for whom this height was the last and thus takes the silver. Halle Ferguson had her last height set to 176 cm, which is 1 cm higher than her personal best. However, she did not overcome it, so she dares to win the gold with a jump at a height of 173 cm. The bronze remains in the Czech Republic, heading to AK Olomouc thanks to Alena Levková's jump at a height of 165 cm.

  • 1st place: Eliška Zimmermannová (165 cm)
  • 2nd place: Renata Láníková (165 cm)
  • 3rd place: Nikola Seďová (155 cm)

  • 1st place: Halle Ferguson (173 cm)
  • 2nd place: Evelyn Fonteyne (170 cm)
  • 3rd place: Alena Levková (165 cm)

Junior medals stay in the Czech Republic, junior medals go abroad

Among the teenagers, competitors from Brno, Kolín and Znojmo reached the finals. Matyáš Čudlý from TJ Sokol Kolín-athletics impressed the most with his confident performances, who jumped from 172 to 202 cm without a single hesitation. His height of 205 cm, which he never conquered, became fatal. Even so, he takes the well-deserved gold. He left behind Damián Süsenbekaz from TJ Znojmo with 187 cm and Jiří Sedláček from TJ Univerzita Brno with 177 cm.

The juniors jumped a little higher. Luke Ball from Great Britain jumped a golden 205 cm and set his next height to 207. But it was already beyond his strength. His compatriot Kresten Calvert entered the fights up to 187 cm, and only three jumps were enough for him to win the silver medal, when he cleared both 192 and 197 cm for the first time. The bronze medal is also going abroad, it will be won by the 197 cm Hungarian Alex Gábossy.

  • 1st place: Matyáš Čudlý (202 cm)
  • 2nd place: Damian Süsenbeck (187 cm)
  • 3rd place: Jiří Sedláček (177 cm)

  • 1st place: Luke Ball (205 cm)
  • 2nd place: Kresten Calvert (197 cm)
  • 3rd place: Alex Gábossy (197 cm)

Denisa Pešová reigned over the B women

Eleven female athletes from three countries entered the Women's B category shortly after one hour. The starting height of 150 cm served the competitors more to warm up and they all coped with it playfully. For five female competitors, the height of 170 cm became fateful.

Among the six female athletes, only two Czechs entered the next rounds - Natálie Olivová from TJ Sokol Kolín-athletics and Denisa Pešová from the University Sports Club Prague. They and the rest of the competitors had problems with other heights as well, and apart from Pešová, only two British women, Hannah Moat and Bernice Coulson, got over 175.

None of them got over 178, so Hannah Moat and Denisa Pešová had to fight for the first place at a height of 176 cm. The sports hall shook to its foundations as the fans pushed Denisa to victory, and she finally succeeded. The bar shook during her winning attempt, but it remained on the stand, which was enough for Pešová to take the gold. Silver and bronze are headed to Great Britain.

  • 1st place: Denisa Pešová (176 cm)
  • 2nd place: Hannah Moat (175cm)
  • 3rd place: Bernice Coulson (175 cm)

Men B: Lukáš Beer confirmed his form and takes the gold

Traditionally, the Men's B category offered the widest starting field. 24 jumpers from seven countries, from Slovakia to Mexico, took to the starting line. According to personal records, Slovakian Lukáš Beer had the best chance of winning, but it was already clear after the first attempts that the competition would be great.

More significantly, the starting list started to thin down to 210 and 215 cm. None of the domestic competitors passed, Lionel Strasser from Austria and Rory Dwoyer from Great Britain also dropped out. On the other hand, the favored Lukáš Beer from Slovakia did well, who ended up fighting for the first place with the British duo Joel Khan and Lewis McGuire.

Lukáš jumped 218 on the first attempt, Joel on the second. For Lewis, this height was the last, and so he came to the podium for the bronze medal.