A variety of sports stars will meet in Hustopeče


Every year, not only the best athletes, but also a number of sports legends, especially athletic ones, come to Hustopeče. Medallists from the Olympic Games, World Championships or European Championships will shake hands here. And who can we look forward to this year?

The special guest of this year's event is the Olympic champion, World and European champion and one of the best high jumpers in history, Tia Hellebaut from Belgium. Kyriakos Ioannou, a well-known high jumper from Cyprus and a three-time medallist at the World Championships, will also be there. Three well-known athletic personalities will come from Slovakia. Mária Mračnová, the former long-time president of the Slovak Athletic Federation and an excellent high jumper, said that she wants to know why Hustopeče is so popular among the world's high jumpers. Slovak high jump record holder Robert Ruffíni will be the guest of honour and coach at the same time and the trio will be completed by former Slovak shot putter, participant of two World Championships Karel Šula. Traditionally, Táňa Kocembová - Netoličková, double silver medallist from the 1983 World Championships in the sprint 400m, is coming to Hustopeče. After four years, the world and European champion, silver medallist from the 1980 Olympic Games, discus thrower Imrich Bugár returns to Hustopeče. Gymnast Adolfína Tačová, who remembers the era of Bosáková and Čáslavská, even has two Olympic silver medals and two more from the World Championships. A unique "collection" of Czech record holders in the high jump will also meet in Hustopeče. Zuzana Hlavoňová has ruled the Czech women's historical tables since 2000, and the men's indoor and outdoor ones have been dominated by Jaroslav Bába and Ján Zvara. The latter will even experience the atmosphere of the Hustopeče event for the first time. On the other hand, the trio of other Czech representatives in the high jump Tomáš Janků, Jan Janků and Svatoslav Ton come to Hustopeče regularly. Previously to compete, now as guests and coaches. The patron of Hustopeče athletes, long jumper Radek Juška, who went to school here, will also be present, as well as the local silver medallist from the European Junior Championships in high jump Jirka Křehula. The Cup of the Czech Olympic Club will be awarded to the winner of the women's category, the Milena Rezková-Hübner Memorial, by our former great triple jumper Jirka Vyčichlo. Other Olympic athletes coming to Hustopeče include Bohumil Mudřík, a three-time Olympic Games participant, Milan Kokš, a gymnast, and Karel Kaňka, a cyclist.