Hustopečské skákání
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20. ročník Hustopečského skákání 24. a 26. ledna, Memoriál Mileny Hübnerové



20th Championship of Indoor High Jump


(In memory of Milena Hübnerová)


Hustopeče city with cooperation of TJ Agrotec Hustopeče and SK Atletika Hustopeče and TJ Hustopeče

Time and date of the meeting:

Thursday 24th January 2019 – starts at 9.00 AM

Saturday 26th January 2019 – starts at 10.00 AM


Hustopeče Sporthall, Šafaříkova street (follow the main road (3rd exit at roundabout) after you exit the D2 highway. After 150 m turn left, the swimming pool and the stadium should be on your left-hand side)

Contest categories:

U13                              (born 2006 - 2007)

U15                              (born 2004 - 2005)

U17                              (born 2002 - 2003)

Juniors                         (born 2000 - 2001)

Men and women          (born 1999 and before)

Categories Men A and Women A is the first part of the international GRAND PRIX  "AGROTEC  HJ GRAND PRIX TZMS 2019" and    it´s invitation only.


Each team should send their applications from 7th - 22nd January 2019 to

Competition entry:

Free participation to all categories of the competition.


Presentation begins at 8.00 AM on Thursday 24th January 2019 and at 9.00 AM on Saturday 26th January 2019 at sporthall. Presentations close 10 minutes before the start of each category.


General athletics rules and regulations are to be followed as well as the designated timetables.


Any and all costs are to be paid by the contestants or by their respective organizations.


  • There are two male and female changing rooms. You are kindly requested to leave from changing room after the finish of your competition.
  • Please, enter the gym area only with clean shoes.


Timetable and starting heights:

Thursday, 24th February 2019

8:00     presentations

9:00     U13 girls                                 100 cm

10:15   U13 boys                                110 cm

11:45   U15 girls                                 115 cm

12:45   U15 boys                                125 cm


Saturday, 26th February 2019

09:00   presentations

10:00   U17 boys, and juniors men                                 145 cm

11:30   U17 girls, juniors women, women B                    135 cm

13:00   Men B                                                                  185 cm

17:00   WOMEN A                                                           175 cm

19:00   MEN A                                                                  210 cm

The coordinators reserve the rights to alter or change the timetable, jumping categories, and the base bar according to the final number of contestants.

Technical regulations:

  • Spikes of maximum 9 mm in length are allowed on the synthetic track
  • All other surfaces are wood-paneled, wearing jumping shoes outside the track area is strictly prohibited
  • Contestants are allowed to bring their own musical background recorded on CDs for their jumps, please inform the technicians when you arrive



The first three winning contestants of each category will receive event awards and prices. Starting from the junior category and higher, podium price money will also be awarded. Final results are to be determined according to the rules of athletics. The director and the jury will rule the final decision in case of any disputes.

Monetary prizes:

Place                       Juniors, Women B                      Men B

Gold                           1000 CZK                                  2000 CZK

Silver                          600 CZK                                    1500 CZK

Bronze                        400 CZK                                    1000 CZK

Podium price money will be awarded only when four or more contestants jump in each respective category. Prices are to be divided in case of a shared ranking.


Record holders of the Hustopečské skákání:

U13 boys Daniel Kolečník, SG Brno 170 cm 1999
U15 boys Daniel Kolečník, SG Brno 201 cm 2001
U17 boys Jiří Křehula, MS Brno 208 cm 1999
Andu Nuh, Quatar 208 cm 2016
Junior men Jaroslav Bába, SSK Vítkovice 230 cm 2003
Men Ivan Uchov, Rusko 238 cm 2011
Gianmarco Tamberi, Itálie 238 cm 2016
U13 girls Jana Novotná, JAC Brno 160 cm 2012
U15 girls Eliška Buchlovská, JAC Brno 171 cm 2013
Jana Novotná, JAC Brno 171 cm 2013
U17 girls Eliška Buchlovská, JAC Brno 180 cm 2015
Junior women Maria Kuchina, Rusko 193 cm 2012
Michaela Hrubá, JAC Brno 193 cm 2016
Women Ariane Friedrich, Německo 200 cm 2009