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22. ročník HUSTOPEČSKÉHO SKÁKÁNÍ, 5.2.2022, memoriál Heleny Rezkové-Hübnerové

Ukhov and Shkolinova not coming to Hustopeče


Startlist changes

Newsreport nr. 3 (21 January 21, 2015)


24th January HUSTOPEČE                            16th Hustopečské skákání

8th February TŘINEC (Werk Arena)                23rd Beskydská laťka


The organizes of the first leg of the Moravia High Jump Tour – Hustopečské skákání  - received shocking news this Wednesday morning. A phone call came from Moscow, saying: “We are truly sorry, but both Ivan Ukhov and Sveltana Shkolinova fell sick with high fevers. With their trainer Kl’ugin we agreed that they are not in a condition to travel or jump and deliver high quality performances. Again, we are truly sorry, both jumpers enjoy coming to Hustopeče, they have always felt like at home, there. They both wish you to have a successful meeting.”, said their manager Pavel Voronkov. Let us note that Ukhov and Shkolinova are a pair now, living in the same household.

However, organizers managed a small miracle when they secured equally talented replacements within hours. The audience will not be disappointed.

Ukraine’s jumper Andrij Procenko will join the MEN category; his personal best is 240 cm. With bronze from the 2014 World Indoor Championship and silver from the European Championship in Zurich (where he defeated Ukhov), he is very well one of the front-runners for gold. He will also jump in Třinec, Beskydská laťka.

Also, a legend Hustopeče has always dreamed of is coming this Saturday – the top Spanish athlete over the last few years and the golden medalist from the European Championship in Zurich Ruth Beitia. She is also the 2013 World Indoor champion. She will be defending this title in March in the O2 Arena, Prague. Her national records are 202 cm outdoor and 201 cm indoor. Her last year’s 201 cm bar is the world record in the over 35 yrs. category. Bulgarian Venevova holds its indoor counterpart at 197 cm.

The MEN category has thus more that 10 jumpers with PB of 230 cm and more, and the WOMEN category has six jumpers with PB 195 cm and more.

And yet another additions:

American jumper James Harris (PB 232 cm) is not only a great jumper, but a talented 400 m runner as well (PB 45.23). He also participated in 2013 World Championship in Moscow where he ran the 4x400 m relay.

The first ever representative of the World of the Rising Sun will be Tobe Naoto, attempting to clear his indoor record of 226 cm as his outdoor best is 231 cm. He won bronze in the 2010 Junior World Championship.  The Japanese indoor record is currently at 228 cm. (photos and additional information)

Beskydská laťka,

RM: 234 Ivan Ukhov, RUS, 2010 and Mutaz Essa Barshim, QAT, 2013 – 201 Blanka Vlašičová, CRO, 2010


Hustopečské skákání,

RM: 238 Ivan Ukhov, RUS, 2011  - 200 Ariane Friedrich, GER, 2009


Moravia High Jump Tour winners

2005: Jaroslav Bába (CZE) 687 cm (the female category was not officially included in the tour)

2006: Svatoslav Ton (CZE) 233 cm and Iva Straková (CZE) 193 cm (the best jump)

2007: Tomáš Janku (CZE) 680 cm and Marina Aito (KAZ) 574 cm (total of three jumps)

2008: Linus Thornblad (SWE) 464 cm and Barbora Laláková (CZE) 386 cm (total of two jumps)

2009: Ivan Ukhov (RUS) 467 cm and Iva Straková (CZE) 387 cm

2010: Ivan Ukhov (RUS) 471 cm (record) and Chaunte Howard (USA) 384 cm

2011: Aleksandr Schustow (RUS) 459 cm and Maria Kuchina (RUS) 391 cm

2012: Ivan Ukhov (RUS) 463 cm and Svetlana Shkolinova (RUS) 391 cm

2013: Mutaz Essa Barshim (QAT) 464 cm and Alessia Trost (ITA) 395 cm (record)

2014: Erik Kynard (USA) 457 cm and Emma Green (SWE) 394 cm


Moravia High Jump Tour 2005-2013: 311 athletes, 38 countries, 36 jumps of 230 cm and higher, 52 jumps of 192 cm and higher

2005: 35 (19 men, 16 women), 11 countries

2006: 37 (22 men, 15 women), 13 countries

2007: 32 (19 men, 13 women), 16 countries

2008: 30 (16 men, 14 women), 17 countries

2009: 32  (17 men, 15 women), 15 countries

2010: 28  (16 men, 12 women), 15 countries

2011: 28  (15 men, 13 women), 15 countries

2012: 29  (17 men, 12 women), 17 countries

2013: 28  (16 men, 12 women), 17 countries

2014:  28   (16 men,  12 women),   16 countries