Hustopečské skákání
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22. ročník HUSTOPEČSKÉHO SKÁKÁNÍ, 5.2.2022, memoriál Heleny Rezkové-Hübnerové



Ivan Uchov (Russia), 28 yrs., 242i cm EU record in 2014, 241 cm outdoor record in 2014

London Olympic Games champion, 2010 IAAF World Indoor Championship winner, winner of the European Athletics Indoor Championship in 2009 and 2011

Hustopeče: participated 7 times, won 5 meetings; holds the record of 238 cm

Trainer: Sergej Kľugin

“Hustopeče is like a home away from home for me. I will open my indoor season there and finish also in the Czech Republic at the HME in Prague. I don’t plan on participating in too many meetings and that is why I would like to focus my training on each meeting separately. I want the audience to have a great time. My training is progressing smoothly, I believe by the season opening I should be ready and at my best.” (MVT news report, 2015)

- - -


Jesse Williams (USA), 31 yrs., 236 cm indoor/ 237 outdoor

Winner of the 2011 World Championship in Taegu, 2011 Best Athlete, winner of the Jesse Owens award

His high jump record for 2014 is 229 cm, can jump 7.53 m in long jump. Williams has recovered from his injury and is well trained and ready to become one of the top high jumpers of the world. His last attempt at 230 cm was in April 2013.

Hustopeče: His first start was in 2013 where he came in 12th with 218 cm. It will be his second meeting in Hustopeče this year.

Trainer: Cliff Rovelto

“It is a rather small hall meeting but with a great atmosphere. I prefer the smaller arenas and this is certainly the place for high jumpers to enjoy their jumping. Back home in Oregon we also have great wines, and winery traditions as well. I often go to wine tasting events, which is a time well spent, so Moravia feels like a really nice place.” (MVT 2013)

- - -


Jaroslav Bába, 30 yrs, NR 2.37i (2005)

Finished 4th at the 2014 European Championship in Zürich, won bronze at the 2013 European Indoor Championship and silver in Paris in 2011, bronze in 2004 World Indoor Championship, bronze in 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, gold in ME23 2005, gold in MEJ 2003

Hustopeče: He is a regular contestant in Hustopeče as well as in the Moravia High Jump Tour. With 220 cm he finished 12th last year. In 2005, he won the meeting with 235 cm.

Trainer: Jan Janků, sr.

“It’s awesome to jump here, the atmosphere is amazing and there are great jumpers as well!”

- - -


Svetlana Školinová, 28 yrs., PB 200i (2010) Arnstadt, 203o (2012)

World champion from Moscow, 2013; won bronze in London Olympic Games in 2012, gold in 2007 ME23 and MEJ 2005. She did not participate in any indoor championship for the last two years. In 2009 and 2011 finished 4th at the European Indoor Championship, she will aim at improving these results this year in Prague.

Hustopeče: This year it will be her fifth meeting (won in 2011 with 196 cm and in 2012 with 195 cm).

Trainer: Sergey Klyugin

“My last indoor season was in 2012 and Hustopeče was a win for me. I could not choose a better place to follow up this great result. My trainer will be there as well and I believe our team will offer the audience something special. And I hope to conquer the two meter bar!” (MVT TZ 2014)

- - -


Alessia Trostová, 21 yrs., multi-talented Italian high jumper. PB 200 cm in Třinec 2013. Finished 4th in 2013 European Indoor Championship and she is a 2012 Junior World Champion.

Hustopeče: Trost won in 2013 with 195 and aimed at the 200 cm bar, which she broke for the first time in her career in Třinec during the Beskydská laťka.

Trainer: Gianfranco Chessa

“I was thrilled when I won the meeting in Hustopeče. The atmosphere was amazing and I believed that I could jump the 200 cm. The audience was extremely supportive.” (MTV 2013)

- - -


Michaela Hrubá, born on 21st February 1998; PB: 191 cm NJR, Eugene 2014, PB: 185i Prague 2014.

Her greatest achievement is winning silver in 2013 MSJ in Eugene and bronze in the Junior World Championship.

Trainer: Ctibor Nezdařil

“This has been the greatest achievement in my career so far. I hoped to win a medal and perhaps to break my PB. And I accomplished both!” (Deník, 2014)