Hustopečské skákání
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22. ročník HUSTOPEČSKÉHO SKÁKÁNÍ, 5.2.2022, memoriál Heleny Rezkové-Hübnerové

Marco Fassinotti won, Protsenko is silver


Surprising. And surprising the Men A competition was indeed. The main Men category kicked off at 19.00. The Italian record holder Marco Fassinotti claimed the golden medal with 234 cm.

Andrij Procenko came in silver with 230 cm. He failed at his first attempt at 232 cm and then passed. The bar was then raised to 234 cm. His first attack was also unsuccessful and he chose to pass once more – to 236 cm. He had only one last jump left, but failed to clear.

Bronze then went to Silvano Chesani from Italy and his 230 cm.

The first eliminations came with 222 cm – Great Britain’s Tom Parsons, Muamer Aissa Barshim from Qatar and Slovakia’s Matúš bubeník all ended the competition at this height.

The 225 cm bar challenged the American James Harris, who then departed with 222 cm, following his result from Otrokovice on Thursday. With his dramatic third attempt, the runner-up of today’s meeting Andrij Protsenko cleared, and continued with his thrilling tradition at 228 cm as well.

The 228 cm high bar defeated a number of today’s contestants. Tihomir Ivanov from Bulgaria, Polland’s Sylwester Bednarek and also Adonios Mastoras from Greece failed to clear and had to leave the competition.

230 cm was another disappointing height. Jesse Williams from the USA and even the crowd’s favorite Jaroslav Bába did not manage to jump and departed the competition. Bába came in 4th, which is a great improvement compared with the 12th place from last year.

The next progression commenced the battle of the medalists.

Twelve high jumpers were competing in today’s Men A category.

“It was a great night with a little bit of an Italian flavor to it.” Said Alfonz Juck, the director of the Moravia High Jump Tour. Another Italian high jumper – Trost – won the Women A category.

Hustopečské skákání is the first leg of the Moravia High Jump Tour and it will continue in Třinec on 8th February 2015 - the 2015 Beskydská laťka.


Final Results

Text: -jal-, photos: Václav Šálek