Hustopečské skákání
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22. ročník HUSTOPEČSKÉHO SKÁKÁNÍ, 5.2.2022, memoriál Heleny Rezkové-Hübnerové

Gold to Trost, Silver to Beitia


Now we know the name of the winner of the 16th Hustopečské skákání – Alessia Trost. The winning height this year was 196 cm. “It was great, I was injured for a while so coming back was not easy” said the 21-year-old Italian. Trost came back in a flying form; she even attempted at the 198 cm bar, cheered by the audience. She did not clear, however. Her performance ensures her qualifying to the European Championship in Prague.

Spain’s Ruth Beitia came in silver with 194 cm. The 2013 European Indoor Champion gambled and chose to pass to 198 cm after her unsuccessful attack at 196 cm. Clearing would mean a new indoor world record in the over-35 category (Venevova holds this record at 197 cm). However, not even the thrilling support of the entire Hustopeče city sports hall helped to get her over that bar.

192 cm granted Airine Palsyte bronze, this Lithuanian jumper went through the entire competition without any problems but hesitated at 194 cm.

The Women A category started with 175 cm and even the first height crossed a name of the startlist. 23-year-old Yekaterida Fedotova did not clear this height.

184 cm proved to be another challenging height and eliminated two jumpers – Isobel Pooley from Great Britain and Olena Holosho from Ukraine.

Following with the next progression to 187 cm, three jumpers failed to clear. Burcu Yuksel from Turkey, Estonia’s Eleriin Haas and also the only Czech jumper Oldřiška Marešová ended with 184 cm and finished 7th.

Only three jumpers successfully attacked 190 cm, the remaining three did not - 21-year-old Desiree Rossit from Italy, 18-year-old Ukrainian Yuliya Levchenko and Iryna Herashchenko, also from Ukraine.

Twelve jumpers were competing in today’s competitions.

A minute of silence at the beginning of the competition was dedicated to the late Miloslava Rezková-Hubnerová. She passed away in October, at the age of 64. From the next year on, the female category will be held in her name – “Memorial Miloslavy Rezkové-Hubnerové”.

Hustopečské skákání is the first leg of the Moravia High Jump Tour and it will continue in Třinec on 8th February 2015 - the 2015 Beskydská laťka.


Final results

Text: -jal- photos: Václav Šálek